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Case Studies

Client :- Manufacturer of Pipes, Sutton Coldfield, England
Situation :-

Part of a larger group, the Company was partway through an internal improvement programme but had lost direction. To ensure momentum the Company needed direction and a quick boost to rejuvenate the programme.

Objective :- Revise the overall programme to ensure alignment to customers. Choose a high impact area and make dramatic improvements with an internal team to show the way forward.

Proposal :-

Focus on waste as the main driver and aligning tool which fitted hand in hand with the initial scope of the internal initiative. Benchmark all the areas and highlight areas of weakness that could then be used to determine the focus area.

Establish process and working methods to achieve the desired outcomes.

Approach :- HOSCA benchmarked the Company against current best practice. A cross-functional team was established to review and revise the layout and working methods in a core part of the factory; focusing on those areas of weakness identified by the benchmarking exercise.

Outcome :- The teams spent 5 days reviewing and measuring various aspects of the operation including:
  • TAKT time
  • Process flows
  • Line Balance and Total Loss for the selected area
  • Ergonomics
  • Operator flexibility
  The recommendations were accepted totally and implemented over a period of 60-days.

Benefits :-
Dock to Dock time
reduced by 12%
Work in Progress
reduced by 27%
Space utilised
reduced by 18%
N° of operators
reduced from 23 to 12
Parts per labour hour
increased by 30%
Distance part travels
reduced from 35m to 12m
Changeover time
reduced from 20 minutes to 5 minutes

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