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Hosca are'the' lean manufacturing consultancy

Case Studies

Client :- Manufacturer of Urostomy Products, supplied across Europe.
Situation :- Part of an International group, producing a range of medical products with customers across Europe and suppliers around the world
Objective :- Improve productivity to meet increasing demand, reduce costs and release much needed space.

Proposal :- Select and train an Improvement Team on a Lean Manufacturing techniques, then work with Improvement Team to analyse production area, eliminate waste and develop new layouts and methods.
Approach :- Trained Improvement Team on Lean Toolkit and worked with them to analyse current situation over several weeks. Developed new concepts & layouts with team and then trained team members to train others on Lean Manufacturing. Team Members then trained all operators and support staff.
Improvement Team implemented new layout and methods and when target rates were achieved, team handed cell over to newly Hosca trained Team Leaders.

Results :- Performance at start of study :-
  • 15,500 bags per day
  • 24 people on 2 shift working
  • Work in progress = 200,000 bags
  • Space taken = 1,000 mē
  • Value adding ratio = 0.016%
  • Throughput time = 92 hours.
  • O.E.E. = 40%
  Improvements Delivered :-
  • 20,000 bags per day
  • 15 people on 2 shift working.
  • W.I.P. reduced to 20,000
  • Space required = 300 mē
  • Value Adding Ratio = 1.9%
  • Throughput Time = 47 minutes
  • O.E.E. = 65

Further :- Following successful implementation of this cell, a company wide education and training on Lean Manufacturing.

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