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Case Studies

Client :- Manufacturer Vehicle Seats, Nottingham, England
Situation :-

The Company had recently been taken over by a Canadian Group who stated their requirement for a 20% reduction in bottom-line costs over the next 2 years.

Objective :- Review the Company’s plans for a new product that was due for introduction in 1999 to see if they could make inroads to the cost reduction programme from the outset of this new line.

Proposal :-

HOSCA proposed to take the initial design group and intersperse the team with some of the operators proposed for the new line. From there, the team would review the initial designs and plans, but then use modern thinking to radically revise the intended way forward.

Establish a new design concept and identify the potential benefits with the new process and working methods.

Approach :- HOSCA trained the team in current best practice concepts ranging from:
  • Modern manufacturing methods
  • Self Directed Work Teams (the Company were piecework based)
  • Kanbans and MRPII
  • Industrial engineering methods for analysis
  • Concurrent engineering principles
  From there the complete new-line process was re-designed, challenging any assumptions that had originally been set.

Outcome :- The teams spent 5 days reviewing and revising how the new line would be effected. All current processes were questioned for effectiveness and the new revised line evolved taking account of:
  • TAKT time based on forecast
  • Process flows to minimise movement and space
  • Line Balance and Total Loss
  • Ergonomics to minimise lifting
  • Operator flexibility within the team environment
  • Elimination of the piecework system
The recommendations were accepted and trials of new methods were to commence within 60-days.

Benefits :-
This was a concept line and therefore the benefits are yet to be proven. However, a comparison can be made with the expectations of the original design:
Dock to Dock time
reduced by 66%
Manufacturing Time
reduced by 69%
Labour productivity
increased by 20%
Floor Space
reduced by 15%
Changeover times
reduced by 43%
Raw materials
reduced 78%
Work in progress
reduced by 88%

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