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Case Studies

Client :- UK Manufacturer of Telecoms racking equipment.
Situation :- Part of an international Group Producing products for customers within UK & Europe
Objective :- Meet ever increasing customer demands whilst reducing response time and costs.

Proposal :- Select and train an improvement team on Lean Manufacturing techniques. Then work with Improvement Team to analyse production of a group of products, before designing and implementing their 1st production cell.
Approach :- Trained Improvement Team on all aspects of Lean Manufacturing using HOSCAR situation to test competence, before supporting the team in the detailed analysis of current production methods. Eliminated waste and all non-value adding activities to deliver a concept cell delivering massive performance improvements.

Results :- Performance at start of study :-
  • Output = 2,000,000 panel per year
  • headcount required = 90
  • Inventory & W.I.P. = 8 weeks
  • Quality performance > 5% scrap
  Improvements Delivered :-
  • Output increased to 2,300,000 p.a.
  • headcount reduced to 25
  • Inventory & W.I.P. to 5 days
  • Quality performance < 1% scrap
  • Material control entirely "Pull"

Further :- Delivering a comprehensive package of Team Leader Training whilst original Improvement Team continued unaided to roll out cell manufacture to other key areas.

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