Understand scope of business and organisation structure
Multi-level IDEFO mapping of both Sales Order fulfilment and New Product Introduction processes
Measurement of Elapsed Times, Resource Times and frequency of events
Documentation of all Concerns
Awareness education & training for 'Key Players'
Concern, Cause, Countermeasure analysis to define Business Principles
"Blueprint" process map development to embrace Principles
Detailed Milestone & Activity Planning for Implementation

Business Process Re-Engineering

Lean Manufacturing can often be viewed as the 'gathering of the low hanging fruit', albeit often highly lucrative. However, it is typical for huge amounts of waste to exist in the office environment and the term "functional Sites" can often be applied to the processing of information throughout the complete Sales Order fulfilment process in many client businesses.
Consequently we have honed our approach to Business Process Re-Engineering through the analysis of both the Sales Order Fulfilment Process and the New Product Introduction Process across many client businesses, using a tool called IDEFO.
A recent project to map out Business Processes for a client, in preparation for their new ERP business systems implementation project delivered a Business Blueprint, saving 64 people (more than 10% of the workforce).

Key Steps would include:

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